In the »Green Ocean « of the Old Mark

Dahrenstedt is a one-street village in the old Mark
with seventeen houses and an almost intact 19th century architecture
and a stone-church dating from the 10th century.

The Art Yard offers - inside and out - creative space
for experiencing meditative and enjoyable stays. e
specially from spring to fall.

We are located ten minutes by car from the old center of the Hansestadt STENDAL or the environmentally charming Elbe river valley and meadows near TANGERMÜNDE. Hiking and forest trails start right at the village boundaries
Dahrenstedt is situated right next to the Elbe river cycle path and the Old Mark hiking grounds, close to the Way of St. James and the wildlife park of Weißewart. The path to the little field-stone church tour leads right through our village.



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